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Nipple Clamps! [Request Fill]

So after a long period of neglect (so sorry!) I'm adding more icons! This is for girlofavalon.

Follow me to some nip abuse.Collapse )

51 Animal Icons

We have lions and rhinos and elephants, oh my!

Click for moreCollapse )

87 Awesome Random Non-Kinky Icons

I totally forgot I had these. But I pretty much love them, even the one that's disappeared into the ether.

Enjoy!! :)


More This WayCollapse )

88 Pasties [Request Fill]

For panda_nom who wanted pasties, particularly with hearts. Enjoy!

(You can still make requests here.)


More this wayCollapse )

80 domme/sub lesbian icons [Request Fill]

The first of the requests! amaikaorii wanted "domme/sub lesbian icons." Here you go, lovely! Enjoy! :)

(Also, the entire time I was doing 36-39 I was thinking, "This could so be the femme version of Harry/Draco..." I'm not even in the Harry Potter fandom! O.o)


Click for pretty kinky women!Collapse )


I like to do themes with some of my icon sets--Men, women, BDSM, NatGeo animals, black & white, chests, water (upcoming). So I thought I'd ask...any themes you'd like to suggest? I'm totally open to suggestions and inspiration!

(You may comment anonymously or PM me directly if you wish!)

85 Icons Celebrating the Male Chest

One of my favorite parts of the male anatomy! Enjoy!

Teasers -

Here it shines, in all its gloryCollapse )

96 Wonderfully Kinky Icons!

Men, women; nudity; chains, gags, blindfolds, dommes, subs, and beautiful people. Mostly in black and white.



The path to kink...Collapse )