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Icons by Xela
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Icons made by xela.
About Me

You've stumbled upon the community for icons by xela_fic. They range from pretty vanilla things, fandom things, and the uber kinky.

While I do not claim any sort of ownership over the base pictures used to make these icons, I did go through the hassle and trouble of making the actual icons. As such, credit would be lovely (either xela_fic or xelaz_iconz is fine); it also helps people find their way here so they can see the other possible iconz!

Feel free to watch or join the community; this will be all icons, all the time!

The Rulz

1. Want
2. Take & Comment.
3. Have & Credit Xela_fic or xelaz_iconz--I only ask this so people can find their way back here. I've found myself wondering so many times where someone got their icon because I like the style and want to find a similar icon more suited to me.

I will absolutely tailor an icon to you! All you have to do is ask!


I am willing to share my bases; obviously I liked the photos enough to icon them, I'm all about sharing the love. I will also create you a banner of some kind out of them--journal header, friends only, etc--if you ask and give me the specs. And a little time to get it done, depending on how crazy my current schedule is.